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Thursday, February 16, 2017 David Neron CannabisMonkey Blog 1587
Should Access to Raw Cannabis Be a Basic Human Right? I know it seems like a bit of a stretch because of the stoner stigmas attached to marijuana but I believe that having access to fresh / raw cannabis due to its inherent dietary benefits aside from any of its psychoactive properties is a basic human right. I hope we can get over the fear that's been created and fabricated over the years, trying to keep it classified, regulated and essentially illegal.

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Non-Psychoactive Fresh Cannabis Juicing

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Fresh Cannabis Juice

Non-Psychoactive Fresh Cannabis Juice doesn’t get you high/stoned and is an excellent source of phytonutrients, vitamins and cannabinoids in the highest concentrations for medicinal purposes. Whole plant therapy is the most beneficial way to harness the full medical benefits of the Cannabis plant, boosting neural function and the immune system.

Cannabis Heals
Growing Your Own Medicine

Help Get the Word Out About Raw Cannabis Juice

Fresh Cannabis Juice

Using marijuana as preventative medicine may seem like an excuse for getting high everyday but as we can see with raw cannabis juicing, that marijuana use isn’t necessarily dependent on the “high” that it’s traditionally known for. Skin creams and other products made using the whole plant are increasingly being found to be more effective than most over the counter and prescription alternatives.

There’s so many beneficial uses for Cannabis other than just smoking, vaporizing, or eating it. There are many targeted topical creams and salves made using parts of the cannabis plant, although it’s my opinion that whole plant products are most effective; everyday new products and uses hit the market, like tampons, suppositories and infused tinctures. The Cannabis plant is once again being recognized as the multiuse miracle that it’s always been.

More than ever those in the Cannabis Community need to come together and work side-by-side to help educate the world to the wonders of the Marijuana plant. YouTube Producers, Musicians, Artists, Growers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Scientists and Stoners alike can inspire the world to shed their fear and the stigmas associated with Cannabis cultivation and use.

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Cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicine and only until recently has marijuana been demonized to the point people seemingly forgot it's inherent value to our culture and society as a whole whether or not you enjoy it's psychoactive properties, or it's medicinal applications; we at CannabisMonkey love exploring and expanding our understanding of this miracle plant.

It seems to be a slow process with lots of hurdles so far.
The legalization that we were promised seems like it's taking forever as people keep being arrested and charged with the ludicrous crime of possessing or cultivating a plant. It truly is sad that at the very least it wasn't decriminalized but with that being said, we look forward to a hopeful 2017.
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Canadian Cannabis

I hope as legalization rolls out in Canada that my fellow Canadians can take our rightful place in the world community as pioneers in understanding Cannabis and it's roll in the modern world. With the technology of today we can enhance our understanding of the Cannabis plant and it's roll in our diet in both recreational and medicinal applications. Furthering our understanding of how our body's processes impact one another.

Recreational Sales?

We eagerly await the legislation and rules moving forward. We hope to have your favorite strains ready to go as soon as we're LEGALLY allowed to, until then we admire and support people like Marc Emery who have opened various locations serving the public "recreational" marijuana products showing that an open model approach can and will work.