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Thursday, May 28, 2015 David Neron CannabisMonkey Blog 457
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Liberals Win Election in Canada! Cannabis Legalization On It's Way?

Well the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau won the Canadian election for Prime Minister and with that comes his promise Read More Social

Non-Psychoactive Fresh Cannabis Juicing

Non-Psychoactive Fresh Cannabis Juicing is one of our passions here at and moving forward with legalization we want to Read More Social

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

Weed is Weed? I've heard this many times when asking "What strain is it?" but knowing the strain can tell Read More Social Social Social is a great place to connect and share with other Cannabis users, it has a similar look and Read More
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EXCITING times lay ahead indeed for the Cannabis Community Worldwide but most recently in particular, Canada. Medical Patients & Recreational Users alike Unite!
4/20 Ready!
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Revolutionary! finally a sensible approach to Cannabis in Canada!
Giving us an Edge Worldwide as Full Legalization Inevitably Rolls Out.
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The Framework

We at want to help pioneer the framework going forward; integrating the best of the old methods and a few new tricks and ideas to help make the experience a fun one. Our Social Networking Platform was Built to Help Serve the Community.

Recreational Sales?

We eagerly await the legislation and rules moving forward. We hope to have your favorite strains ready to go as soon as we're LEGALLY allowed to distribute. Until then Please Join CM Social to Keep Up to Date on Recreational Sales & Stay Tooned However You Can :)