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Fresh Cannabis Juice

Should Access to Raw Cannabis Be a Basic Human Right?

I know it seems like a bit of a stretch because of the stoner stigmas attached to marijuana but I believe that having access to fresh / raw cannabis due to its inherent dietary benefits aside from any of its psychoactive properties is a basic human right. I hope we can get over the fear that's been created and fabricated over the years, trying to keep it classified, regulated and essentially illegal.

Works Alongside Our Natural Biology

I hope that by popularizing raw cannabis juicing and beginning to introduce cannabis back into our daily diets that way will become the evidence needed for people to take fresh cannabis more seriously as a dietary supplement that works alongside our natural biology.

Raw Cannabis Juicing Guide

If juicing raw/fresh cannabis is something you've been thinking about and you're not sure where to start, CannabisMonkey will cover;

  • ·         the amount of fresh cannabis you'll need
  • ·         the quality of the cannabis required
  • ·         the type of juicer or blender you should use
  • ·         the dosing regimen you should be following

Check out the CannabisMonkey Fresh/Raw Cannabis Juicing Guide.

Fresh Cannabis is the Best Nutritional Supplement

Juicing Fresh Cannabis is the best way to get the most phytonutrients and health benefits from the plant.

Demonizing and scheduling cannabis as an illegal substance has removed this miracle plant from our diets and I think as the world moves towards a more sensible approach to cannabis we’ll do away with the silly notion of medical/recreational marijuana and start to understand how valuable it is as a part of our daily diet.

Raw Cannabis a Miracle Plant with No Nasty Side Effects?

Other supplements and medications don’t even come close to what nature has provided for us with raw cannabis; vitamins and other supplements mainly pass right into our urine, and medications have nasty side effects while juicing fresh cannabis is non-psychoactive and doesn’t even get you high.

  • · Raw cannabis activates the brain’s cannabinoid system, which triggers an antioxidant release
  • · These antioxidants act as a “cleaner” and remove damaged cells from the body
  • · Raw cannabis improves the efficiency of the cells in our body

A powerhouse of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, consuming fresh cannabis is an amazing source of complete proteins, it’s easy to digest, gluten-free, and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

More Research is Definitely Needed

More is known about the dietary benefits of hemp unfortunately but one could easily conclude that flowering, budding cannabis would be jam packed with more nutritional value than hemp or hemp seed; more research is needed in this area and it looks like it might take a while before that becomes the focus as everyone seems to be preoccupied with the medical/recreational argument as marijuana legalization occurs throughout the westernized world.

Stuck on Stoned

As cannabis dries or is heated many of the valuable phytonutrients and beneficial cannabinoids/chemicals that are typically bioavailable within the plant are converted or become inert. Baking, cooking, or general heating of cannabis breaks down these very valuable components.

So, we can see how juicing raw cannabis (whole plant therapy) is the ultimate way to squeeze the most value out of your cannabis; I mean, sure, getting high and experiencing the medical/recreational qualities of dried or heated cannabis is fun, helpful and relieving but until we understand the dietary benefits of raw cannabis we won’t have a sensible approach to marijuana. Unless we include the dietary benefits with the medical/recreational benefits we aren’t approaching the topic with any true clarity.

So if you want to join the revolution of Fresh Cannabis Juicers and learn more about raw cannabis juicing, please check out our Quick Start Cannabis Juicing Guide Here.

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