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Research and Development are CRUCIAL Here @, Intelligent Cannabis Connoisseurs Represents Our Drive to the Best Quality & Strains, the Most Delicious Edibles and Most Importantly Consistency. If it doesn't meet our strict standards, you'll never see it. We take pride in EVERY step of the process, right down to our packaging.

Our Team Comprises of People Who Use Cannabis for Various Reasons. Now let's get all caught up in our take on the differentiation between medicinal and recreational Cannabis use; we'd just like to say that as Cannabis users for 15+ years we don't see much difference between the two, on the other hand we don't want to offend anyone because there are miraculous uses for Cannabis in terminally ill patients and that is clearly medicinal; Our argument is that we believe it's inherently healthy or good for you physically and we think if two or more people can come together through smoking Cannabis and communicating instead of having an altercation that could also be considered good or healthy for the community. We think revolutionary changes are coming world-wide, Stay Tooned!

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