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All Prices are in CAD
All Prices are in CAD

Welcome to the CannabisMonkey online store, where you can find a selection of products from time to time, for an amazing price. Specially designed to cater to Canadians for easy shipping.

Authentic products, never a fake or knock-off, or counterfeit version, we make sure we source directly from the manufacturer or a 100% authorized retail supplier. We get an awesome price and pass on the savings.

We currently have a very limited supply and at these prices, you'll want to make your decision quickly before they're all gone.

Lowest Priced Authentic Portable Vaporizers.
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Portable Vaporizers

Sidekick Personal Vaporizer

(DRIED HERB or WAX) - The most elegantly designed portable ...

Sales price: $330.00

G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer

(DRIED HERB) - Introducing the G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the ...

Sales price: $70.00

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer - Premium Kit (GOLD)

(WAX) - Experience True Taste SOURCE orb 4 vaporizer pen ...

Sales price: $100.00

SOURCE nail - Ultra Portable eNail & Vape Pen - Premium Kit

(WAX) - The Source Nail is the revolutionary new portable ...

Sales price: $180.00