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Contact us with your ideas or affiliate program page and we'll get started right away promoting your high quality cannabis related products.

Brand Recognition

Get recognized beside some of the industries best quality products as we grow into a household brand name.

Social Reach

Building a better network of Cannabis Connoisseurs we use the most popular social media networks to reach out to Cannabis enthusiasts and bring them together using our very own social media platform @ CannabisMonkey.com Social Network. With an active marketplace we hope to link quality companies and products together with quality Cannabis Connoisseurs.

Autopilot Advertising

Let us do the marketing. Sit back and relax while we bring you the customers that want your products or services. Our marketing is geared towards the high end cannabis user, the seasoned pros who want the best quality at a reasonable price.

Cannabis Connoisseurs

CannabisMonkey.com perfers to do business with fellow Cannabis users so there's no mix up about what's going on. We're against tobacco use, so no, our products are not for tobacco use and if you chose to advertise in that manner so be it.

Changing Attitudes

Cannabis users have been demonized and outcast for long enough, help CannabisMonkey.com change the attitudes of the ignorant and help educate them to this wonderful plant and its possibilities.

Just Create

Don't want to setup a website? Don't want the hassle of trying to find quality customers? Let CannabisMonkey.com help. Contact us and we'll setup a special section on our website to showcase your products or services.

Why partner with CannabisMonkey.com?

Forward thinking & utilizing the best tools at our disposal, we integrate our love of Cannabis with the technology to connect Cannabis enthusiasts with the products and services they love and enjoy, recreationally or medicinally with an ardent focus on quality.
Multimedia Integration
As we move forward we'll be integrating our own branded multimedia incorporating our partners' products and services. Providing reviews and testimonials as well as guides to help novices become the Cannabis Connoisseurs we know they are.
Marketing Savvy
Active in the Community

Our Current Partners

These are our current partners, we hope to add you the list and grow with you as the Cannabis community blossoms worldwide as the public becomes educated to the vast array of uses for this wonderful plant.

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Canadian Based with Worldwide Aspirations

As Cannabis Loses its Stigma we hope Cannabis communities can unite Worldwide.

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