Access to Fresh (Growing) Cannabis

Probably the most difficult step of the entire process.

Getting access to Fresh Cannabis for most people isn't going to be easy; especially in the quantity required for juicing.

Although, if you find yourself in a position where this isn't an issue you can skip to Step #2 and we'll get right into getting the proper juicing gear.

Always Find Your Local Cannabis Community for Support.

Fresh Bud & Leaf is Best

We'll get into a more exact dosing schedule in Step #3, but it's our opinion that adding a small bud or two to each juice is the best method for getting the most out of the plant; especially if you're juicing for a specific condition that you want to be more aggressive with.

You Always want to double check with your provider that the leaf and bud you use for juicing has had the nutrients properly flushed out of it and that no pesticides were used before harvesting for juicing purposes.

Whole Plant Therapy

Trichomes should be clear when leaves or buds are used for juicing.

Mix raw cannabis leaves with other fruits & vegetables to find your favorite flavor combination; Each strain is unique!

Consume cannabis juice with each meal, roughly three times per day.

The best advice I can give to someone who can't find access to fresh cannabis or can't grow their own is to ask local compassion clubs and medicinal store-fronts if they can assist you with finding someone who can help supply you with the amount you'll require.

If you're juicing for medicinal reasons you may need to find a more reliable source because you'll be requiring a substantial amount more raw cannabis than juicing for preventive reasons.



Getting All the Proper Juicing Gear

Juicing anything can be expensive to start because not everyone has an appropriate juicer or understands how to maximize the phytonutrients they're trying to ingest.

You don't want your juice to get warm at all, especially with raw cannabis juicing because you risk activating the juice and having it become psychoactive and getting you really "stoned" whereas fresh cannabis juicing is non-psychoactive and won't get you high when kept at the correct temperature.

Like Wheatgrass, Cannabis is Very Fiberous

  • Much like wheatgrass, cannabis is very fiberous so a good wheatgrass juicer works great for getting the most out of your fresh cannabis leaves and bud, certain juicing units may help maximize the phytonutrients you'll access by keeping the juicing process cooler.

  • Any old glass will work just fine but some people like to get a setup specifically for their cannabis juicing so each to their own, or use your favorite glass and mix it with something cool and tasty.

  • For storing your cannabis juice safely (to keep it non-psychoactive) ice cube trays work perfectly and make it easy to portion or to add to other juices to enhance its flavor.

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Once you get all the pieces in place juicing is a lot of fun; finding your favorite flavor mixtures and feeling the amazing health benefits over time.
This is going to be a huge global shift in understanding our nutrient intake, our daily diets, and our endocannabinoid system.

Our personal health and many issues with nutrition globally will be transformed as the world slowly legalizes cannabis and we reintroduce it into our diet as something we use for nutritional reasons opposed to psychoactive reasons.

The more research that's done on the cannabis plant, the more that we realize how much of a miracle plant that cannabis truly is.