(Dosage) How Much Weed Do You Need to Juice?

Obviously, the quality of your raw materials will play a big part in determining what type of dosage is required; along with your reasons for juicing to begin with. If you’re juicing for a medical issue, you’ll definitely want to get your source of raw materials tested so you can more accurately get the proper dose that will assist your condition. Below we’ll explain how this all impacts the juicing process.

Health Benefits vs Medicinal Reasons

Getting your dose right isn't necessarily important if you're merely juicing for the health benefits (as a supplement) and not for serious medical reasons. If you're juicing for medical reasons there will be more information in Step #5 that will help you get the exact dosage you're after.

If you're just juicing straight fresh cannabis as a supplement without mixing it with anything else you can juice pretty much any amount you want. 10-30 large fan leaves, and a few fresh, small buds for a typical 3 serving batch (one day) should work.

Like most vitamins and medicines our Fresh Cannabis Juice is best consumed 3 times a day with each meal; You can store it in the fridge for up to 3 days so if you make your juice in the morning it'll be fine stored in the fridge for the duration of the day.

More Technical Dosing Information in Step #5

Marijuana that has been picked recently can be stored in airtight bags for a couple of weeks in your fridge. Cannabis that you’ve just juiced can be stored in the fridge with a bit of ice for up to 3 days, or you can store it for several months if you pour your fresh cannabis juice into an ice cube tray and store it in your freezer.

Juicing Gets the Most Out of Your Cannabis Juicing Gets You the Most Out of Your Cannabis

The best way to access the nutrients in cannabis is to extract its fresh juices which is why some people chew and swallow recently cut marijuana leaf and buds while harvesting their crops.

We can intuitively see how cannabis in its raw natural form juiced would be the best way to access and benefit from it as a plant; like vegetables, fruits and other herbs when they’re fresh they still contain all of their healing qualities and phytonutrients.

Juicing (Sticky) Buds vs Juicing Leaf

Most juice extractors have a filter, so if you’re juicing a lot of (sticky) buds you might want to use a blender for shredding that portion because most of the cannabinoids will attach themselves to the filter and won’t make it into your juice. Using a juice extractor for large quantities of leaf is perfect and with proper cleaning will do the best job.

Nutrients Properly Flushed, Insecticide Free, Soak in Cold Water for 5 Minutes

If the plants you plan on using have had any kind of phytosanitary treatment (insecticides, fungicides, acaricides …) they are not suitable for making cannabis juice and should be avoided even if they have been rinsed. This is different than the nutrients used in the plants growth; you want to make sure that the plant has been properly flushed of all growing nutrients before juicing.

Always make sure you clean the leaf and soak them in cold water for 5 minutes prior to any extraction and make sure they’re perfectly clean before soaking them, even if they are grown organically.

Cannabis TrichomesTrichomes: Clear, Cloudy or Amber?

Avoid any bud or leaf that has amber trichomes; cannabis buds and leaf for juicing should have clear to cloudy trichomes; under those conditions the cannabis plant can be used in either the growing or flowering stage.

Buds are Better but Leaf is Great

Buds logically have a much higher concentration of cannabinoids than the leaves and are therefore a more ideal form of getting the most out of your juicing, provided you have a reliable supply but with that being said both leaf and bud are extremely beneficial, although combining them is highly recommended.

Heat is Your Enemy When It Comes to Cannabis Juice

Heat decarboxylates THCA to THC (makes cannabis psychoactive), and any buds or leaf grown close to the bulb or any other possible heat source may have undergone the process making it psychoactive so make sure you’re careful to pick and use leaf and buds that haven’t been exposed to too much heat.

Keep Your Juicer or Blender Cold, Don’t Run It Hot

Which brings us to the actual juicer itself, if you’re processing an entire plant, or a large quantity of green matter, you’ll want to cool your juice extractor to avoid it from becoming hot enough to decarboxylate the cannabinoids during the extraction process which will make the juice psychoactive; once the marijuana becomes decarboxylated a small amount of hot juice is equal to dozens of joints.

Hermaphordite CannabisMale Plants? Hermaphrodite Plants? Okay to Juice

Wait!? What about male plants? Or hermaphrodite plants? Well fear not, you can use male, female, or hermaphrodite plants to make raw marijuana juices, knowing how hard it is to maintain a consistent yearly supply. You could try germinating one cannabis seed every day, eventually you should be able to harvest one plant every day.

New or Inexperienced with Cannabis? Ease into It

For medical patients and newbies alike it’s a good idea to start off with consuming 1-3 grams of fresh cannabis buds ground or blended for a few days to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction and that the juice won’t have any psychoactive impact.

Once you get used to that dose, you can proceed with progressively increasing your intake of fresh/raw cannabis buds daily. If you’re merely using cannabis as a supplement aim to consume about 30 grams of fresh leaf daily, and even more if you have access to the raw cannabis.

Smaller Doses More Frequently Works Better

Our body eliminates and utilizes our cannabis juice very quickly, roughly 50 minutes after it reaches our intestinal tract therefore the juice will be much more effective if we divide it into several intakes or better yet if mixed with a larger (cold) juice that takes a bit longer to consume.

If you just drink the cannabis juice straight and you have 300ml we would make 5 doses of 60ml each and stagger their consumption every 30 minutes or so, give or take a few minutes making sure it remains cold.

Cumulative Effects Over Time with Regular Consumption

According to Dr. Courtney (leading researcher in "Cannabis Juicing") some of the effects of raw cannabis juicing may appear 3 days after the first dosage, while others may take a few weeks to notice; Phytocannabinoids slowly accumulate in our fatty tissues, just like lipophilic vitamins (A, D, E, K). Consuming raw marijuana juice over a 4 to 8-week period you will begin to notice the beneficial properties.

Dr. Courtney warns patients with kidney and gall bladder issues that cannabis juice in its natural form poses some risks.

Marijuana juicing is not recommended for hypercalciuria or hyperoxaluria.

Also Dr. Courtney points out that patients consuming medicines that grapefruit or pomegranate juice may interfere with should inform their doctor before starting a diet with cannabis juice; similarly, with patients who use anticoagulants (like Coumadin).

Most leaves from plants contain large proportions of vitamin K, which can impede the liver to metabolize these medicines properly.



Recipe Concepts

Since this is such a personal preference we've decided to give you some recipe ideas instead of step by step instructions. You can mix and match what's available to you and your budget, go for something more exotic or drink the raw cannabis juice by itself. If you have a recipe you'd like us to add to the site please send it to us via the Contact page.
Cannabis Soul Juice

Mangoes contain a terpene called Myrcene known to many to increase the effects of dried marijuana on the user; more information is needed how this effects us when juicing, although many people love adding a mango or two to their juices.

Many fruits and vegetables contain other healthy chemical components that boost or compliment raw cannabis juice and as we legalize cannabis worldwide more research can and will be done showing the place raw cannabis plays in our nutritional diets.

If you create any great concoctions that you find are helpful to a certain condition please contact us so we can make a post and get the information out.

Don't forget you can turn your raw cannabis juice into frozen fruit popsicles as well for a refreshing treat.

Raw Cannabis Juice Popsicles

Send Us Your Favorite Raw Cannabis Concoctions
Raw Cannabis Juice - Vegetable Juice - Fruit Juice
Carrot Juice

Bitter / Spicy - It's a Matter of Preference

  • It is recommended that you mix in another vegetable juice to cut the bitterness of the raw cannabis.
  • A popular choice is carrot juice, and a ratio of 1 part cannabis juice to 10 parts carrot juice is a good rule of thumb.
  • Some people enjoy the "bitter" flavor of raw cannabis and prefer to take shots of their raw cannabis juice while enjoying another juice.